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Resources for the July ACT

act phase 3 test prep Jun 17, 2022

At the time of posting it's June, and just a few weeks away from the July ACT exam date. Is your teen ready for the test?

Even though more schools have become test-optional, that still primarily just applies to admissions. There is a LOT is riding on the ACT or SAT when it comes to scholarships, so you want your teen to be prepared! So to get ready for the July exam I wanted to pull together some resources to help you make sure you can make the most of this test. You can also grab my FREE 10-page ACT Prep Guide here, or check out my online ACT Prep Course here.


Does the ACT or SAT Make More Sense for Your Teen?

When it comes to standardized exams, you have options! Should your teen take the ACT or SAT (the two most widely accepted tests)? You may have already decided on an exam, but if you haven't (or if your teen has struggled with the exam they've been working on so far) then you should check out our video and blog article that compares the two exams here. 


Should You Take The Exam in July?

After deciding that the ACT is the route to go, the next question you should ask is should your teen even sign up for this test date? The July ACT does not offer Test Information Release, but it can still be a good date to test if you worked on test prep in the spring and want to take the test while the information is fresh, or if your June schedule was too busy to allow you to take the exam then. Now is also a good time to start preparing for the September or October exams if you haven't done any test prep before. Check out our article here on determining the best test dates for you.


Have You Registered for the Test?

If you decide that it makes sense for your teen to take the ACT in July, make sure to go ahead and register! I have an article here that details step-by-step how to register for the exam.

The regular registration deadline for the July ACT is June 17, but you can still register by the Late Registration Deadline of June 24, just don't wait! Test center registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, so you want to register on the sooner side or your preferred location may not be available (the July date fills up the fastest!).


 What Books Should Your Teen Use to Prep?

There are a TON of different ACT prep book options available out there! In my online ACT Prep Course I primarily use the Official ACT Guide and Barron's ACT 36, but you can see my more comprehensive review of ACT prep books here!


What Does My Teen Need to Do to Succeed on the Test?

I've been helping students prepare for the ACT for the past 18 years, and over that time I have seen that there are 4 key components that all have to be in place for students to achieve their best results on the test. You can see my breakdown of those 4 components here. I've built all 4 of those components into my Online ACT Prep Course, which provides both on-demand and LIVE resources to help make sure your teen is prepared for the July ACT!

The course includes a 16-week pre-recorded course that will fully walk your student through how to prepare for the exam, covering the content, strategy, practice and review necessary for success, plus a 4-week crash course that runs LIVE for the 4 weeks leading up to each ACT exam date (Wednesdays at 4:30 CT via Zoom). 

In addition, I've paid for teacher access to both Magoosh's ACT Prep Course as well as Study.com's ACT Prep Course, so you get 3 on-demand ACT prep courses plus LIVE online help for the price of one course!

Our next live study session will be starting Wednesday, June 22nd at 4:30 CT and run for the 4 weeks leading up to the July 16th exam date. PLUS, unlike other online courses, your teen can take both the 16-week exam as well as the live 4-week crash courses as many times as they need until they graduate for just one low price of $197! You can find out more details and sign up for my ACT Prep Course today here!

Have a question about the ACT? Post in the comments below, and I'll be happy to answer it in a future video (also check out our Facebook group here)!




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