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  1. Share with friends
  2. Host a webinar or workshop
  3. Blog post, website ad or social media promotion

1: Share with Friends

If you have a high-school student, then you likely know many other families with high-school students. When you believe in a product, you talk about it. Each affiliate will be provided with a personal code. For every friend, co-worker, and family member who purchases a UniversityReady product you will receive a 20% payment payable at the end of the month after 30 days past the purchase date. Example: UniveristyReady yearly subscription at $350 equals a $70 commission.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please click the "Join Today" button above.

*NOTE: Commission is off of digital products only, consulting packages will pay commission on the digital portion only (capping out at around $70 commission per sale).

2: Host a free webinar

UniversityReady is currently scheduling free webinars for groups covering a wide range of questions and topics including:
  • How do I guide my child to decide on a career path?
  • Which standardized exams should my child take, and how do we prepare for the ACT/SAT.
  • Should we be considering AP/CLEP/Dual Enrollment? When do these tools make sense?
  • How do I choose between colleges and universities, or vocational schools and technology-based certificated programs?
  • What are colleges looking for in an applicant? What activities do we need to be doing now?
  • My child has no idea what he/she wants to do (or is constantly changing), where do we start?
  • What can we do to set our child up to succeed academically and personally in college?
  • How do we handle finances for college?

Workshops are provided online or in-person depending on preference, location, and the number of participants. Typical online webinars are 1 hour including Q&A time. In-person workshop times vary.

Workshops are free; however, there is a travel fee for in-person. The travel fee is $0.50 per mile for travel from Murfreesboro, TN. No other charges apply. The fee covers travel costs, meals, and hotels). There is no travel fee for events within a one-hour drive of Murfreesboro, TN.

At this time we are only offering in-person workshops within a four-hour drive of the Nashville area. If a group can't afford to pay the travel fee, we can offer an online webinar.

The coordinator/host is responsible for fees and payment. A payment of 50% is to be received one week in advance of workshop date with the remainder paid the day of the event.

Minimum attendance preferences are as listed:
  • Middle Tennessee: 10 families
  • East/West Tennessee: 20 families
  • Surrounding States: 30 families
Host Compensation:


We offer extra discounts/bonuses for the host family of the workshop. Promotions will be discussed per event. Promotions may include discounts and/or gifts by random drawing.

3: Blog post with website ad and social media promotion

We would like to offer you a free subscription to UniversityReady (a $350 value) for your family in exchange for a written review, interview or blog post on your site. It can also be gifted to someone if that is your preference.

We offer a 20% monetary incentive for every product sold through your affiliate link.

For example, your incentive would be:
  •    $70.00 for UniversityReady Yearly Subscription
  •    $32.00 for ACT or SAT Test Prep Courses.

We also provide a 10% discount coupon code for your readers or a code for our current promotion.

Ad designs will be provided according to your specifications.

We also offer a free online webinar tailored to your audience.

*Affiliate commission is off of digital products only. Commission on sales of consulting packages is capped at the commission for UniversityReady (topping out at about $70 commission per sale). All compensation is to be paid at the end of the month after 30 days past the purchase date. 

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