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  1. Share with friends
  2. Host a webinar or workshop
  3. Blog post, website ad or social media promotion

1: Share with Friends

If you have a high-school student, then you likely know many other families with high-school students. When you believe in a product, you talk about it. Each affiliate will be provided with a personal code. For every friend, co-worker, and family member who purchases a UniversityReady product you will receive a 20% payment payable after the 30-day money-back- guaranty period. Example: UniveristyReady yearly subscription at $350 equals a $70 check.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please click the "Join Today" button above.

2: Host a free webinar

UniversityReady is currently scheduling free webinars for groups covering a wide range of questions and topics including:
  • How do I guide my child to decide on a career path?
  • Which standardized exams should my child take, and how do we prepare for the ACT/SAT.
  • Should we be considering AP/CLEP/Dual Enrollment? When do these tools make sense?
  • How do I choose between colleges and universities, or vocational schools and technology-based certificated programs?
  • What are colleges looking for in an applicant? What activities do we need to be doing now?
  • My child has no idea what he/she wants to do (or is constantly changing), where do we start?
  • What can we do to set our child up to succeed academically and personally in college?
  • How do we handle finances for college?

Workshops are provided online or in-person depending on preference, location, and the number of participants. Typical online webinars are 1 hour including Q&A time. In-person workshop times vary.

Workshops are free; however, there is a travel fee for in-person events outside of Middle Tennessee. Travel fee is $0.50 per mile for travel from Murfreesboro, TN. No other charges apply. The fee covers travel costs, meals, and hotels). There is no travel fee for events in the Middle Tennessee area.

Our team will travel as far as a group is willing to pay the $0.50 per mile. If a group can't afford to pay the travel fee, we can offer an online webinar or explore if neighboring groups could split the cost.

The coordinator/host is responsible for fees and payment. A payment of 50% is to be received one week in advance of workshop date with the remainder paid the day of the event.

Minimum attendance preferences are as listed:
  • Tennessee: 10 families, but flexible
  • Surrounding States: 15 families
  • Farther Out: 20 families
Host Compensation:

For every ten families who attend a workshop or online webinar, the coordinator/host receives a 10% discount towards UniversityReady product. 

The coordinator will also receive a 10% paid incentive from our office for products sold with event code *after the 30-day money-back-guaranty period has passed. 

Promotions will be discussed per event. Promotions may include discounts and/or gifts by random drawing.

3: Blog post with website ad and social media promotion

We would like to offer you a free subscription to UniversityReady (a $350 value) for your family in exchange for a written review, interview or blog post on your site. It can also be gifted to someone if that is your preference.

We offer a 20% monetary incentive for every product sold through your affiliate link.

For example, your incentive would be:
  •    $70.00 for UniversityReady Yearly Subscription
  •    $32.00 for ACT or SAT Test Prep Courses.
  •    $99.00+ for a Consulting Package Purchase.

We also provide a 10% discount coupon code for your readers or a code for our current promotion.

Ad designs will be provided according to your specifications.

We also offer a free online webinar tailored to your audience.

*All compensation to be paid after the 30-day money-back-guaranty period has passed.  


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