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At UniversityReady we give your student's future the attention it deserves. We help identify the best educational environment needed to turn their dreams and career goals into reality. Join our team with a membership subscription and let us take the guesswork out of the high school transition.

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From ACT, SAT, applications, financing, and choosing a major...

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...we are partnering with parents and students to map a course for success.

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What is UniversityReady?


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Live Classes

UniversityReady offers exclusive subscription access to weekly online classes. Each class is recorded live then made available on-demand to view whenever you want from wherever you are. Every week the module is specially curated and relevant to that month's information and timeline requirements. Worksheets are provided, making it easy to apply each lesson personally. Live Q&A sessions are available every week via group chat or answered by email.

Experience and Resources

UniversityReady provides you with the experience and resources of a private guidance counselor for the cost of an online class. That's what makes us unique. We use our ten years of experience to filter through and condense hours of research into accessible, easy to apply modules. Laws and requirements are forever changing. Our resource list and knowledge base are continually updated to serve your needs best.

"Wonderfull!!! Full of information. Just what our family needed to get our college prep started with confidence!"

Jamie K.

"I would recommend this workshop to all homeschool parents. It is inspirational as well as informative!"

Testimonial, Homeschool Workshop Attendee
Anne S.

"The wealth of information that you gave will ultimately save me boat-loads of time. Plus I feel that I got incredibly beneficial information that I wish that I had known in my highschool/college career. Now I feel that we can get funding for college that we did not even know was possible! Inspiring!"

Kim A

"I'm really not good at sitting for long periods, but this workshop was so informative that I didn't even realize the amount of time we were there. It really went by fast! Every detail was very important and interesting"

Testimonial, Full-Day Workshop Attendee
Elizabeth L.

UniversityReady Subscription Packages

Offering year-round direction while you make some of life's most important decisions.

The Journey Starts Here

Your Exclusive, 12 Month Subscription Membership Includes:

  • Weekly online live classes addressing how to choose a career path, prepare academically, study for exams, apply for college/trade school, finance your education and much more!
  • Access to all weekly class recordings on-demand so you can go back and review or catch anything you may have missed.
  • Downloadable resources to accompany all classes, including worksheets, videos, and optional e-mail and text reminders.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions provided where questions can be submitted during live class by group chat or by e-mail directly to our team. 
  • Planning meetings will be held at the beginning of every month highlighting what should be on your radar with a complete check-list provided so that you will miss nothing. 
  • Academic support resources are available covering many fundamental subjects such as Algebra, English, and Science. 
  • Organization, structure, and peace of mind for you and your student!

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Weekly College-Prep Classes

Downloadable Action Plans

Access to Online Membership Site

Your Questions Answered

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Full Prep Course for the ACT - Full Prep Course for the SAT - Private Planning Session - UniversityReady Subscription

Private Consulting Packages

Looking for one-on-one help? We have customizable college prep consulting packages to fit YOUR needs that integrate our online course with one-on-one meetings and specialized planning tools. Click the button below to learn more:


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