UniversityReady Challenges

Simple, step-by-step mini courses designed to guide you on a specific focus towards your target goal!


MONTHLY: Career Prep Challenge

A simple, step-by-step four week process that guides students to explore their personality and strengths, and then use that knowledge to create an action plan to learn about best-fitting career paths for them to pursue!

This challenge is available on-demand and can be started whenever you want. We start a new the second week of each month.


MONTHLY: Study Skills Challenge

A twelve-module guided course on how to understand how you learn as a student, organize your assignments and schedule, develop habits that allow you to focus and work efficiently, and other study skills tips and tricks.

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THIS SUMMER: Entrepreneurship Challenge

 A six week guided course for teens to help them both learn about the world of business and even launch their own micro business (or help with a small business that is already up and running). Every week students will be taught about a different area of entrepreneurship and given short assignments that, if followed, allow them to quickly launch a small business.

Enrollment Opens in Summer

Succeed at College Challenge

It's easy to focus on high school studies, standardized exams, and the application process. But some of the most crucial steps to succeed in college are often overlooked, and deal with how the teen will make the transition to college. I've known many students who had everything set up for them, but their support network dropped off once they started school and they lost scholarships, struggled to transition, and became discouraged or even depressed. This mini course is designed to step students through some of the crucial things they can do their first year of college to set themselves up for success!

Enrollment Opens in Summer

Application Challenge

Designed for high school seniors, this challenge is a step-by-step guide through the application process, giving you sensitive guidance on finalizing your college list, writing essays, letters of recommendation, compiling a winning resume, completing applications, the FAFSA, and more! Our most comprehensive challenge, if you are a senior you won't want to miss this guide!

Challenge Begins August

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