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Online ACT Prep Course

An adaptable course designed to be completed in either 4 or 16 weeks with unlimited access to fundamental tutorial classes, weekly Q&A sessions and much more. All available to you until you graduate high school for one low price!

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Online Classes with LIVE sessions for your test date!

How about an affordable online class with both pre-recorded and LIVE sessions to help your teen be ready for the ACT? UniversityReady's material focuses on the STRATEGIES needed to succeed on the test, and we also include access to hundreds of videos to cover any CONTENT that you need to review for the exam, with specific game plans out of official exams for you to PRACTICE and live study sessions to REVIEW and adjust, all the components you need to succeed on the exam!

UniversityReady Full ACT Prep Course

Learn Strategies, Techniques and Concepts Needed To Excel On the ACT Exam

Live Classes

Get access to LIVE* online classes leading up to each ACT exam date. 

Live classes will typically be held Wednesdays at 4:30 CT for the 4 weeks leading up to each ACT exam date, replays will be available.

On-Demand Content

Can't make a class? You will have access to recordings of all meetings from your start date, study guides to prepare for the ACT, and weekly supplemental videos.

Academic Support

Struggling with Geometry? Can't tell the difference between a pronoun and an adjective? Included with the course is access to online videos that cover all primary test concepts.

We Want You to Be Fully Prepared for the ACT Exam!

Your Personal ACT Course

The ACT exam does not come naturally to most students. You might be good at math in high school and still struggle on the math section of the ACT exam. There are strategies and approaches to every section of the test. Our instructor, Matthew Bullington, has been helping students reach their target scores for 14 years.

What's Included:

  • Weekly classes leading up to the ACT. Each week will cover a primary section, test taking, grammar and math.
    • English
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Science Reasoning
  • Includes 4-week crash course and 16-week full-length guided prep courses to adjust to your schedule.
  • LIVE classes for the 4 weeks leading up to each ACT exam date!
  • Can't make a live class? Every class is recorded and available to watch for the full length of the course in our exclusive online membership site.
  • Have a question during the course? Students can get feedback during the live classes and through the membership site.
  • Our full course includes unlimited access until graduation for just $197.
  • Do you live in the Nashville/Murfreesboro Tennessee area? 100% of tuition can be applied to the cost of any live, in-person courses.
  • Downloadable prep guides for each section.
  • Weekly math and English concept video tips.


Why UniversityReady ACT Prep?

There are lots of options for exam prep, so why choose us? Matthew Bullington has been helping students achieve their ACT score goals for 14 years. We offer both pre-recorded and live sessions, and allow students to get direct answers to their questions. While most online courses approach test prep from a one-sided approach, Matthew has studied numerous test prep books and courses, and incorporates different strategies to benefit test-takers with individual strengths and weaknesses. Each course also comes with an unconditional 14 day money-back guarantee.

*The majority of classes will be recorded live, however, UniversityReady reserves the right to pre-record any session as needed. Questions will be answered on a weekly basis either via live chat or by email. Thank you!  

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Who is this course designed for?

Any high school student preparing for the ACT. Our live classes are designed to prep for the 4 weeks leading up to specific ACT exam dates.

Do I need to buy any books/other resources?

We require students to purchase one of the Official ACT Guides (can be 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, or 2016-2017), as we will be utilizing sample material from those books.

We also will provide guidelines for working through Barron's ACT 36, one of the books I recommend most for a general overview, as well as the ACT Black Book.

How long do we have access to the course?

As long as your high school student needs. Unlike most online courses, this is not a 30 day, 3-month or 6-month access. You are provided 12 months of access to the course, and we will renew that for 12 months at a time as many times as is needed until you graduate, so one purchase can last all of high school!

What all is included?

You get access to a 4-week guide and 16-week guide to the ACT, so you can take any of the courses based on how much time you have before your next test. Each guide has weekly videos, assignments, and handouts.

Also included is 12 month access to Magoosh ACT prep program, as well as access to hundreds of additional professionally developed videos to help for any content-specific questions you have.


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One year access to the course for $197. This plan gives one student unlimited access to the online course until graduation. It is set for one year by default, but can be renewed for free until the student graduates from high school.


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