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If you’re a parent looking for help getting your teen prepared for college (or maybe a non-college path)  while still keeping the peace at home then you already know that there are a ton of decisions and options ahead.

You want to see your child succeed after high-school. You have researched and talked with friends, but there is so much conflicting college prep advice. Which exams should your high-school student take? When should they start preparing? Do you need to sign up for dual enrollment or AP tests? And how can you start preparing for college if your teen doesn't even know what he or she wants to do? What if they want to pursue a career path you don't know anything about? What then? If this sounds familiar then you are in the right place! 

I was paid to go to college because I had a clear plan for a career path, and I created UniversityReady to help families be strategic in their approach to career and college preparation!

My heart is to help families save time and money by developing a strategic, career-centered plan for life after high school, and this led me to create UniversityReady as an affordable, flexible option for your family to have clear career-prep guidance from the comfort of your own home!

UniversityReady's Consulting Programs are for any families with high-school-age students who are looking for a strategic plan they can implement in exploring career paths that utilize their student's natural skills, and want access to LIVE support along the way! 

Even though college is one of the most expensive investments a family will ever make, I know that money can be tight so I structured this package with a pay-as-you go approach that you can cancel anytime and to give you peace of mind in this investment in your teen's future!

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We have broken our resources down to correspond with 4 separate phases of high-school and career prep. You get LIVE access to Matthew every Monday at 4:30 CT to address the topics relevant to your stage in career preparation, and to ask him ANY questions that are on your mind!


Phase 1 (Approximately 9th Grade)

FOCUS: Academic Support and Study Skills Training

Starting in 9th grade students are encouraged to lay a strong foundation academically. If students don't know how to stay on top of their academics then the stress is going to skyrocket when trying to juggle coursework with testing and applications, so we recommend students to first focus on building their academic skillset.

Phase 1 Resources:

The first Monday of each month we have a LIVE webinar on Mondays at 4:30 CT to provide you with resources, tips and action plans on how to not just get by in your high school courses, but to thrive! Topics we cover include:

  • Record keeping, planning and organization in high school.
  • Dealing with learning struggles and test anxiety.
  • Subject-specific resources and tips for math, English, science, social studies, foreign language, fine arts, technology and more.
Phase 2 (Approximately 10th Grade)

FOCUS: Exploring Career Paths

Once you have a solid academic foundation built, exploring career paths comes next! Many times people jump straight into the college prep tools-ACT, SAT, dual enrollment, AP and CLEP tests. The problem with this approach is that each of those options is a specialized tool that makes sense for some routes, but not for others, so we've structured our approach to be career-centric. We start with personality testing before our first meeting, focus on exploring possible career paths, and then use insight from career professionals to determine which tools/route make the most sense for you.

Phase 2 Resources:

The second Monday of each month we have a LIVE webinar on Mondays at 4:30 CT to provide you with resources, tips and action plans on how to deeply explore potential career paths. Topics we cover include:

  • Personality and strength testing to identify potential career paths.
  • Detailed steps to help you locate professionals in the career you're considering and get their input on the best route for you.
  • Action plans for non-college routes including trade school and entrepreneurship.
Phase 3 (Approximately 11th Grade)

FOCUS: The Exams and Other Tools You Need for Your Route

From the alphabet soup of standardized exams (ACT, SAT, PSAT, PreACT, AP, CLEP, CLT, DSST, ECE/uEXCEL, and others) to extracurricular activities, associates degrees, accelerated programs, and dual enrollment, this phase concentrates on putting the right tools together to get you where you want to go! 

Phase 3 Resources:

The third Monday of each month we have a LIVE webinar at 4:30 CT to detail each test and tool, giving you the exact criteria to determine if it makes sense or not for your teen, and if so an action plan for you going forward. Topics we cover include:

  • Choosing and preparing for the right entrance exam: ACT, SAT or CLT.
  • Colleges that are test optional and alternatives to taking standardized exams.
  • Earning college credit early using AP, CLEP tests or dual enrollment.
Phase 4 (Approximately 12th Grade)

FOCUS: The Application Process 

It's time to launch your plans into action! In the Application Process Phase we will focus on the steps to successfully, confidently apply to college, trade school, or a job (whichever matches your route best). We'll help you keep track of deadlines, get the most scholarships, equip you with the criteria to make the best decisions, and motivate you to follow through on the plans we've been working to build over the past four years.

Phase 4 Resources:

The fourth Monday of each month we have a LIVE webinar at 4:30 CT to detail each test and tool, giving you the exact criteria to determine if it makes sense or not for your teen, and if so an action plan for you going forward. Topics we cover include:

  • Planning out your senior year
  • Understanding the stages of the application process (whether for college or trade school)
  • How to secure financing for college


How to know if UniversityReady is right for you?

  1. You have students in 8th or 9th grade and want to create a strategic, career-centered plan for high school.
  2. You have a teen who has no idea about what he/she wants to do after graduation, and you need an action plan to help them explore career paths.
  3. You have a 10th/11th grade student who is trying to determine which exams to take, whether to do dual enrollment, and how to make sense of all the options.
  4. You have a 12th grade student and want to make sure they don't miss any application or scholarship deadlines.
  5. You know that college is expensive, and you want assistance to make it as affordable as possible and make sure the investment you make is worth it.
  6. You want an outside voice speaking into your teen's life providing action steps so that they are ready for life after graduation.
  7. You don't want your teen to just default to college, but instead want them to mature into focusing on preparing for a career path, and pursuing the route that makes the most sense for that path.
  8. You're ready to invest in giving your teen direction for their career path, and equipping them to strategically approach college (or whatever route best fits their goals)!

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Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

UniversityReady Starter Consulting Package - $2,526 Value

  • Access to the year-round UniversityReady guidance counseling program - $468 Value
  • LIVE weekly video access to Matthew Bullington to answer YOUR questions!
  • Thousands of academic support videos as resources for all core high-school subjects - $720 Value
  • Personality, Intelligences, Learning Styles and Strengths Testing - $59 Value
  • A private planning meeting to map out your target goals and deadlines for the year - $299 Value
  • Access to an amazing collection of tools to explore career paths, research colleges, and track exam scores - $708 Value
  • Bonus 1 - Study Skills Challenge - $39 Value
  • Bonus 2 - Career Prep Challenge - $39 Value
  • Bonus 3 - College Application Challenge - $97 Value
  • Bonus 4 - College Financing Challenge - $97 Value
  • Bonus 5 - Access to All New Challenges

Total Value: $2,526

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $2,500, not to mention the peace of mind and direction it will provide for your family!

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just $197 up front, and then $39 a month (cancel anytime).

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