Preparing for the SAT Exam Day

exam prep phase 3 sat Jun 01, 2022

The next SAT exam is right around the corner. 

Your goal is to set yourself up for success. Here are some recommendations:



In my online course I recommend that students not take any full-length tests the week of the exam. You don't want to mess with your mental readiness by getting a score that's lower than your target, so focus any prep work on just small sections. You can grade to see how many you got right/wrong, but don't convert to a 1600-point scale.

This is also a good time for you to review your prep notes, make flash cards, and update your strategies for each section.

If you have not been to the testing center before, drive by so you know the location and identify where you will park and where you will walk to so that you are taking away as many unknowns as possible. You want the test day to run as smoothly as possible so you can bring your best game, and surprises about testing center location, how far you have to walk, etc can throw you off guard.



You really want to take it easy today, and not focus on the fact that you are taking an exam tomorrow. You have prepared well, at this point try to not think about the test (unless you just have to practice). If you feel like you just have to do something to prepare, spend some time reviewing your notes.

Try to schedule something fun and relaxing for the evening, like a game or movie night. Something that will take your mind off of the upcoming exam. You want to get to bed at a reasonable time for you, maybe a little early but not a drastic shift from your normal schedule.

You also want to pull everything together the day before so that the test day can go by without a hitch.


What to bring to the testing center:

  • Clothing with layers (the testing center may be colder/warmer than you expect, dress in layers that you can adjust).
  • Number 2 pencils (not mechanical)
  • An approved calculator
  • A watch (not a smartwatch)
  • A high protein snack for break and drink
    • NOTE: If you are used to drinking coffee every morning then bring a bottled or canned coffee for the break
  • Your photo ID and ticket to the exam



  • Make sure to eat something for breakfast, focusing on having plenty of energy.
  • Try to get a little bit of exercise in, whether that's a quick walk outside, a few jumping jacks, or a short jog. Something to help jump-start your energy for the morning.
  • Leave for the testing center with plenty of time to spare.

You'll do great! Once completed, create an action plan for how you will learn from your mistakes and actively prepare for the next exam. Check out our online SAT prep course, and feel free to post your questions about test prep in the comments below.

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