How I was Paid to Go To College - My Story


So how did I get here?

Well to start, this is not what I though I would be doing when I was in high school or college, though I still daily use the skills I acquired along the way.

I was homeschooled all the way through my high-school graduation, and was blessed to have an insider-track on college prep with a dad who was a college professor. This led to several steps that ultimately resulted in me getting paid to go to college:

1. I had a solid academic foundation

2. I had a clear picture of what career path I wanted to pursue

3. I knew the scholarship requirements early-on and set them as goals for myself in my test-prep

4. I was careful to meet the deadlines and make the right connections along the application process, and chose to go to an affordable school (even though I could have gotten into a higher-ranked college)

5. I didn't stop searching for scholarships once I got to college, but kept pursuing funding each semester

My second year of college I started tutoring students on the side for the ACT (as well as tutoring for the college through their Disabled Student Services office). After graduating I went on to grad school, where again I received full-tuition to both the school of economics and law school plus an assistantship to a top-20 school. However, I ended up having health problems and had to quit after one semester. 

While I was figuring out my health issues I had some families approach me and ask how I got paid to go to college, so I worked and filmed a couple of DVDs that explained the steps I had taken and took those DVDs to a few homeschool conventions. At those events I was approached by directors of a private school who said they could also use resources like what I was offering, so I worked to develop and expand my products.

This led to me working as a private college consultant for students from public school, private school and homeschool backgrounds. I traveled the country speaking at over 100 educational conferences in 35 different states. Through my speaking I was identified and hired by an educational media agency to be their college prep specialist, writing for the high-school column of their magazine and selling advertising to colleges, where I communicated with hundreds of admissions offices across the state.

I now run UniversityReady, helping families have a career-centered approach to college or trade school prep, and offer a year-round guidance counseling program, targeted challenges, ACT and SAT prep courses and private consulting packages. I'd love to help your family craft a custom-plan for your teens, you can set up a FREE 30-minute consultation with me here to learn more!

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