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Math. The sheer word can strike terror in the hearts of parents and students alike. I’ve been tutoring math for 13 years, and the number of technology tools to help students learn math has grown exponentially. For those times when you need some extra support, here is my top collection of resources for more practice and help (I am not paid for any of these recommendations):




Sometimes all that’s needed is some extra practice. Here are some websites that can allow you to create or locate free worksheets:

Free, pre-created worksheets for every primary concept pre-algebra through calculus. 

While not as extensive as Kuta Software, Math-Drills still has a robust number of math worksheets available.

A collection of math worksheets, practice problems and videos for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, the PSAT and the SAT

This website is massive, with a huge collection of games, worksheet generators, and instructional material on all high school math (and many other high school topics).

This is the secret weapon of school teachers! TPT is a huge online marketplace where teachers can sell and buy resources they have created for the classroom, from cheap $1-2 worksheets and games to entire curriculum packages. Looking for doodle notes to explain transverals, or a real-life exercise where you create a catapult to explain quadratic equations and parabolas? TeachersPayTeachers is your place to go!




We are visual people, and often the difference between a frustrating lesson and a good day is simply a clear, explanatory video. Here are a few resources:

Sal Khan’s famous free collection of videos started with math resources. While the black background can get a little monotonous, the amount of free information is incredible. In addition to videos for grades K-college, there are also diagnostic tests and lots of automatically-graded practice problems.

A compilation of free videos from multiple websites, Hippocampus places numerous different styles of teaching right at your fingertips for any math topic. 

PatrickJMT has an amazing collection of free math videos covering almost all algebra, probability, statistics, trigonometry and calculus topics (as well as higher-level math). You're not going to find much geometry at this time, but it is a great resource for the topics it does cover. 

Covering Math Fundamentals (including Geometry) all the way up through Calculus, MathTV is a great resource for video instructors talking you through the individual math concepts you need to know. An added benefit is there is a variety of different instructors to choose from for each concept, so you can determine which instructor's style you learn from best. 

This website has compiled thousands of videos from YouTube by topic, including over 500 Geometry videos and over 1,000 Algebra and Algebra 2 videos.

They have full (paid) online courses, but also have an extensive collection of free videos here.


MooMoo Math Channel 

There are numerous math channels with free videos explaining math concepts, but this one is my favorite. The videos are engaging and explore a lot of tricks and different methods with clear explanations for numerous math and science topics.




Sometimes a phone app can provide just the right variation to your math routine. There are numerous flashcard and elementary math apps, but here are three more unique options that I recommend.

Quizlet is the holy grail when it comes to portable flashcards and study resources, and can allow you to browse thousands of pre-created sets or create your own.

While these are paid apps (ranging in cost from $4.99-7.99, or $19.99 for all 5), the ones I have played (Algebra 12+ and Elements, their geometry app) are extremely engaging and unique in communicating foundational math concepts in a way that doesn’t feel like math at all. These are games with progressive levels that initially use fun images and brain-teasers to teach complicated concepts (such as commutative and associative properties), and then eventually develop to utilize actual numbers and mathematical symbols. Great for that reluctant math student.




Schooling from home? Here are some additional resources specifically for you! 

Maria Miller, homeschool mom and math teacher extraordinaire, has put together an awesome collection of resources, including free worksheets (pre-algebra and geometry), lessons, games and activities, and a curriculum guide. 

Easy Peasy's high school curriculum series is completely free, with daily lesson plans for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trig/Pre-Calculus, and Calculus (in addition to almost all high school subjects). You can use this as your full curriculum, or it is also a great resource to locate tools to supplement whatever math curriculum you are using. 


Cathy Duffy Curriculum Guide

The most comprehensive homeschool curriculum guide on the internet, Cathy Duffy's resources have been around a long time (in book form before the website). She has top picks (designated by an apple), but also reviews of just about all homeschool curriculum (math reviews can be found here).


TeachThemDiligently Curriculum Guide

A 30+ page resource that recommends homeschool curriculum based off of an extensive poll of homeschool families. Includes specific categories like best Algebra and best Geometry curriculum!




NOTE: While I love some of the free resources available through the internet, I encourage parents to supervise their kids or use a filtering/monitoring service while they are online.

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