A Season of Giving!

I know I have SO much to be thankful for, and I believe one of the best ways to express gratitude is outward, looking around and seeing how can I share what we've been blessed with with others!

So with our services at UniversityReady we want to give back! We know that there are a lot of families who are struggling financially, who have had a hard year, and yet could still use some help preparing for the ACT or with come college-prep coaching, and we want to help out!

Do you know someone that could use some help? Or perhaps YOU are that family who could use a little extra blessing right now? If you know someone who could use some help, or receiving some free services could be a huge blessing to you personally right now I invite you to fill out this form to let us know!

In addition, between now and the end of the year, ANY purchase made through UniversityReady will be matched with an equal gift to a family in need (and if you know of a family who could be blessed by this you just fill out this form and we will send the gift on your behalf)!

This applies to ALL of our resources, including our Consulting Programs, our ACT or SAT Prep Courses, our Career Prep Challenge, our Study Skills Course, and more!

Know A Family in Need?

We want to bless families who have faced hard times with resources to provide peace and direction as they prepare for careers, college, or exams! If you know of a family (or could use help yourself) please fill out our form here!

Buy One, Give One!

We are passing the blessings along! Whenever your purchase ANYTHING from UniversityReady between now and the end of the year, we will donate the same resource to a family in need! Explore our Consulting Programs or ACT/SAT courses here. 

Help us pass the blessings along!

Fill out our form and let us know

how we can be a blessing today!

Nominate a Family for a Gift!

Get year-round college prep help with our Consulting Starter Program and GIFT a program to a family in need!

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