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12 Module Study Skills Challenge

Learn more and earn better grades in less time by applying the best strategies to your study habits!


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Module 1: Finding Your Why 

It's difficult to want to develop study skills if you don't have a personal purpose for your education, so in this first module we'll focus on determining how to motivate ourselves to learn!

Module 2: Your Learning Style

We'll take tests to determine how your teen learns best, and then discuss how to structure their routine accordingly.

Module 3: Note Taking

Strategies for how to effectively synthesize information presented in lectures and take notes on what you read

Module 4: Reading Comprehension


Tips to boost your reading speed and your retention.

Module 5: Memory Boosting

Understanding how the brain stores information can be key to your study habits.

Module 6: Planning & Organization

Your coursework provides an amazing opportunity to learn how to effectively plan your day and to organize your space and assignments.

Module 7: Focus and Deep Work

School provides the perfect opportunity for you to practice one of the most valuable skills in today's distraction-filled world: the ability to focus.

Module 8: Procrastination

The struggle is real. Most students at some point will battle with procrastination, so we will take that topic head-on in the module and discuss some practical ways for you to overcome this tendency.

Module 9: Exam Prep

Whether the ACT or an end-of-course final, few people enjoy taking exams, but we'll tackle some concrete strategies that will improve your readiness and confidence when taking tests.

Module 10: Test Anxiety

Some people struggle with anxiety when taking a test. I did on occasion. So we'll outline some ways you can manage the stress and anxiety that can accompany exams.

Module 11: Writing Strategies

There is a LOT of writing in school, so in this module we'll take a look at strategies to effectively manage writing assignments and allow you to write your best (and overcome writer's block).

Module 12: Exercise and Sleep

The best study skills won't get you anywhere if you are exhausted. This module will tackle exercise and sleep routines that can set you up for academic success!

Frequently Asked Questions

This challenge is designed for: 

Any junior high, high school or college student that would like to take their study skills to the next level!

Included with this 12 Module Study Skills Challenge:

1. Weekly videos, downloads, and assignments to guide students how to improve their study habits.

2. Access to community support throughout this journey, in the format of an online Facebook group, weekly videos, and monitored comments in our online course.

3. Guidance through several resources, including Crash Course's Study Skills Video Course and Cal Newport's How to Become a Straight-A Student.

4. Lifetime access to our online course where we will post the videos, downloads, assignments and resources, as well as where we will post discussions of what we are learning.

$39 one time fee per family.

This is a self-guided mini-course, and can be started whenever you want, and completed at a pace that matches your schedule.

The course has 12 modules, and is structured to be used over the course of a semester.

Your student will have access to the online course for 12 months, and can download the weekly PDF assignments and keep our supporting emails for long-term use.

UniversityReady subscribers/coaching clients will have access to the Study Skills Challenge for as long as they remain active UniversityReady members (learn more here).

The cost is per family. Multiple students can log on through the one account. Want separate login accounts? Just email us and we can work that out!

All resources are pre-recorded videos will be released by drip feed starting on the launch date. We will have some live sessions periodically throughout the course, timing will be determined based on the best schedule for enrolled students, but all resources will be made available to watch on your own schedule.

Yes! This course is IDEAL to be completed with a group of your own friends!

The worksheets can easily be completed as class homework assignments. Each student will need to purchase their own access. Have a group of 10+? Contact me at [email protected] with the subject line of "Groups" to learn more about our group resources, discounts ($10 discount per student or more, depending upon group size), and host incentives (launch a paying group of 10+ and your challenge is FREE!).

No additional resources are necessary. We will make optional book recommendations in the course, but they are not required.

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