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4 Week Career Prep Challenge

A simple, step-by-step four week process that guides students to explore their personality and strengths, and then use that knowledge to create an action plan to learn about best-fitting career paths for them to pursue!


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Week 1: Your Strengths

In high school it's so easy to focus on what we are not good at. What we don't know. What we haven't figured out yet.

Let's switch that! Our first week of the challenge will focus on getting to know YOU, and where your strengths and skills really shine! We'll do this through a combination of personality and strengths testing (I'll give you several options to meet any budget, including free tests!) as well as some guides to allow the people who know you best to speak into your life and give insight on your strengths.

Week 2: Your Perspective

Once we've built up your personality and strengths profile, I'm going to introduce you to a different way of looking at this process of career exploration:  We are going to dive deep into the book we are reading/listening to for this challenge (So Good They Can't Ignore You), and will even have a movie that we will watch and discuss together (Hidden Figures) that has some amazing takeaways on career pursuit! All of this is designed for us to develop a perspective of focusing on skill development as we pursue college or trade school, and ultimately a career path!

Week 3: Your Career Interests

Do you have an idea of what you want to pursue as a career?

Yes? Great, we'll start there and start exploring what those jobs ACTUALLY entail! We'll look at resources that allow us to understand what daily life looks like in those jobs, and see if that really matches up with your strengths. We'll also work through some exercises to identify professionals in that particular career field to get their insight on what we should be doing now to prepare!

No idea about a career path? That's fine! We'll pull together the results of your personality and strengths tests, and our new perspective gained in Week 2 to start creating a short list of career paths to explore! We'll then go through the same process as listed above to start understanding those paths in more depth, and see how they match up against your strengths and goals.

Week 4: Your Next Step

By the time we get to stage four of this challenge you will have a much better understanding of your personality/strengths, a skills focused perspective on career exploration, a short list of some career paths that match your strengths, and insight from career professionals on what to do next.

We'll then take all of this information to formulate a strategic game plan for what's next as you continue on this journey of exploring your strengths in context of a career path, and whatever tools (college, trade school, etc) that are needed to get you there! 

Frequently Asked Questions

This challenge is designed for: 

Any high school student 

college student that is still trying to determine a career path

A student that has graduated from high school but doesn't know what to do next

Or an advanced junior high student that has an idea of a career path and is ready for the next level!

Included with this 4 Week Career Prep Challenge:

1. Weekly videos, downloads, and assignments to guide students from understanding their own personality/strengths to researching and exploring college and career paths that would match up with those strengths.

2. Access to community support throughout this journey, in the format of an online Facebook group, weekly videos, and a monitored comments sections in our online course.

3. Guidance through the book So Good They Can't Ignore You and the movie Hidden Figures to learn more about the importance of a skills focus when it comes to considering college, trade school and career paths (see more details in the last FAQ).

4. Access for 12 months to our online course where we will post the videos, downloads, assignments and resources, as well as where we will post discussions of what we are learning.

5. Group resources to allow you to facilitate completing this challenge together with your friends! See the FAQ "Can I do this with a group..." below for details.

$39 one time fee per family (for 12 months of access)

Our sessions are available on-demand. Upon signing up students will receive instructional emails 5 days a week for 4 weeks. We will have LIVE sessions every Wednesday at 5:30 CT for the month of April. Students will also have access to class materials for 12 months and can adapt to complete on their own schedule and/or complete with a group using our included resources (see "Can I do this with a group..." FAQ for details).

The challenge is designed as a 4 week jump-start in a student's journey to understand himself/herself on a deeper level by exploring a career path that matches their skills and strengths. The material is designed to be completed in 4 weeks, but the tools and methods provided will help the student over the coming months and years.

While the challenge lasts just four weeks, your student will have access to the online course for 12 months, and can download the weekly PDF assignments and keep our supporting emails for long-term use.

UniversityReady subscribers/coaching clients will have access to the Career Challenge Course for as long as they remain active UniversityReady members (learn more here).

The cost is per family. Multiple students can log on through the one account. Want separate login accounts? Just email us and we can work that out!

Pre-recorded videos will be released by drip feed starting on the launch date. We will have some live sessions every Wednesday at 5:30 CT for the month of April, but recordings of all resources will be made available to watch on your own schedule.

Since everyone's schedule is different I have built in ways for you to benefit even if your schedule is busy right now:

1. This course is designed to be completed even if you have a busy schedule. Modules and the action plans are short and to the point, designed for you to complete in less than an hour a week. That being said, there also are Diving Deeper assignments for students who have more time, or for you to gradually work on throughout the rest of the year.

2. Though we will go through the course in 4 weeks, you will have access to the course and all resources for a full 12 months, and can choose to complete the challenge at a later date that works for you (or do what you can now, and then go through it again more completely later in the year). 

3. Have a group of friends you think would be interested in taking the course with you? We have accompanying group worksheets and projects designed to allow you to go through this challenge with your friends, co-op, tutorial, class or school. Each member of the group must still register now, but you can put together your own community to work through the challenge at a day/time that works best for you. Contact me at [email protected] with the subject line of "Groups" to learn more about our group resources, discounts, and host incentives.

Yes! This challenge is IDEAL to be completed with a group of your own friends!

We have accompanying group worksheets and projects designed to allow you to go through this challenge with your friends, co-op, tutorial, class or school. You still have to register now, but can put together your own community to work through the challenge at a day/time that works best for you.

Have a group of 10+? Contact me at [email protected] with the subject line of "Groups" to learn more about our group resources, discounts ($10 discount per student or more, depending upon group size), and host incentives (launch a paying group of 10+ and your challenge is FREE!).

The short answer is not necessarily. There are three outside tools we will use over the course, though I will give you options for each to adapt to your budget and time constraints:

1. Personality/Strengths Test: Your student will need to complete one or more personality or strengths tests in the first week of the challenge. I will give you a variety of options for this, including completely free personality tests, low cost ($19-29 options), and more comprehensive solutions. I'll discuss the pros/cons of each route, but if the budget is tight the student can definitely complete the challenge and benefit greatly even with the free options.

2. We will be going through the book So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport. I love the subtitle: Why skills trump passion in pursuit of work you love! So good! The book is right now $13.00 on Amazon, but is a popular resource and can be found at most libraries. If your child doesn't like to read it is also available as an audiobook. I will also provide links for podcast interviews with the author as well as book summaries that are really good if you don't have time to read a book right now.

3. We will discuss the movie Hidden Figures, which throws a fun element into the challenge and has some material for some great discussion about career pursuits and skill acquisition. The movie is available for rent or purchase. I'll give talking points that can be used if you want to watch the movie together as a family or in a group. The movie is rated PG and does contain some language (you can read a review here). If you don't have time to watch the movie or choose not to I'll still provide you with enough of a recap (and even some short clips) to allow you to take away some of the most important lessons.

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