UniversityReady Subscriptions

Available as a Monthly or Annual Subscription:

Offering year-round direction while you make some of life's most important decisions.

Exclusive, 12 Month Subscription Membership Includes:

  • Weekly online live classes addressing how to choose a career path, prepare academically, study for exams, apply for college/trade school, finance your education and much more!
  • Access to all weekly class recordings on-demand so you can go back and review or catch anything you may have missed.
  • Downloadable resources to accompany all classes, including worksheets, videos, and optional e-mail and text reminders.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions provided where questions can be submitted during live class by group chat or by e-mail directly to our team. 
  • Planning meetings will be held at the beginning of every month highlighting what should be on your radar with a complete check-list provided so that you will miss nothing. 
  • Academic support resources are available covering many fundamental subjects such as Algebra, English, and Science. 
  • Organization, structure, and peace of mind for you and your student!

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