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Launch a Small Business This Summer!

Step-by-step guidance for teens to launch a micro business this summer (or take your existing small business to the next level), while building valuable life skills AND completing one the most sought-after activities by colleges!


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Week 1: Foundations & The Idea

So what is the foundation of entrepreneurship? Value. Somehow you have to create or do something of worth, of value, that others are willing to pay for. How will you provide value to others?

We'll start our journey looking at the foundational principles behind business, and then move on to developing the idea for how you will provide value through your business! Whether that's just a pretend business you create to learn these skills, a new business that you launch over the duration of this course, or a pre-existing business you already have (but want to take further), we will provide the resources on how to develop and evaluate your winning business idea! 

If you are just starting out I'll even give you several business ideas that cost close to nothing to launch as ideas for a starting point!

Week 2: Planning & Your Audience

Planning is crucial when building your own business, and in Week 2 we'll dive right in! From how to craft a basic business plan all the way through identifying your ideal customer avatar (and what even is a "customer avatar"), we'll take the students through the process of the necessary planning to set your business up for success! Students will create a basic business plan, and outline the ideal person they are trying to advertise to (as well as that person's problems that their business is trying to solve with a product or service). This will gear the student up to launch into Sales and Marketing in Week 3!

Week 3: Sales & Marketing

Regardless of what you do in life, an understanding of sales and marketing is always valuable. How to sell, to communicate the value that your product or service brings to another person, is a skillset used in every field. And in an age when we are constantly being sold to (through media and advertising everywhere we go) it's important to understand this field.

In Week 3 we will take our understanding of the value you are selling and an understanding of the audience you are marketing to and talk about practical, simple ways to promote and sell your product or service. Students will create a simple marketing plan, create verbiage and graphics to promote their business, and go through simple exercises to develop basic sales skills.


Week 4: Finances, Records & Legal


The best planning, marketing and sales will still not get your business anywhere stable unless you also have a good grasp of the financial and legal side. We will talk about where to go and how to learn the basics needed to keep good records, track finances, and make sure you are legal in your state.

NOTE: We are not attorneys or CPAs, and do not provide tax, legal, financial or accounting advice. Material is provided for information only and to direct teens to where they can learn more about these important topics.

Week 5: Customer Service

How do you plan to enchant your customers, to win them over to your business so well that they become advocates for you? We will talk about all aspects of customer service, the experience that others will have with your business from their first introduction, through delivery, up through your carefully-crafted follow-up. We will look at some of the most well-known customer service companies, and talk about what has made them stand out in a busy online world, and create a very practical plan for how students can provide outstanding service to their customers!

Week 6: Where To Go Next?

Our six week journey will wrap up with a focus on where to go next. We've pulled together a great set of resources so that if you want you can expand your study of business into a full semester course, or if you've launched your business we'll discuss how to adapt your business plan to what you have learned and plan for the future. Students will have access to the course for a full 12 months, and we will check in throughout the year to see what businesses are still going and provide community support (both in the online course and on Facebook) for all of the teens in their business journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This challenge is designed for students grades 8-12 who are...

Interested in learning about entrepreneurship and business, or

want to start a micro business, or 

already have a small business and want to take it to the next level!

Included with this 6 Week Entrepreneurship Challenge:

1. Weekly videos, downloads, and assignments to guide students from business concept all the way through launching and running a micro business!

2. Access to community support throughout this journey, in the format of an online Facebook group and a monitored comments sections in our online course.

3. Guidance through a variety of resources for everything from concept proving to logo/business card/flyer creation to marketing, with recommendations for specific tools as well as books and other resources to learn more.

4. Access for 12 months to our online course where we will post the videos, downloads, assignments and resources, as well as where we will post discussions of what we are learning.

$79 one time fee per family 

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $39 one time fee per family (expires June 15)

The Challenge starts the week of June 17th and runs through the end of July, though students will have access to class materials for 12 months and can adapt to complete on their own schedule.

The challenge is designed as a 6 week jump-start to launch a micro business, and if followed will allow a student to fully get a small business up and running over the course of a couple months.

While the challenge lasts six weeks, your student will have access to the online course for 12 months, and can download the weekly PDF assignments and keep our supporting emails for long-term use.

UniversityReady subscribers/coaching clients will have access to the Entrepreneurship Challenge Course for as long as they remain active UniversityReady members (learn more here).

The cost is per family. Multiple students can log on through the one account. Want separate login accounts? Just email us and we can work that out!

Nope! We will have weekly check-in posts, but the challenge can be completed on your own schedule throughout the week!

Yes, I know June is crazy busy! I also know that the summer is a great time to launch a small business. This course is designed to be completed even if you have a busy schedule. Modules and the action plans are short and to the point. Though we will go through the course in June-July, you will have access to the course and all resources for a full 12 months, and can choose to complete the challenge at a later date that works for you (or do what you can now, and then go through it again more completely later in the summer). 

Have a group of 10+? I can provide you with resources to allow completion of the challenge in a group or to adapt to a full entrepreneurship course. Contact me at [email protected] with the subject line of "Groups" for details.

Not unless you want to. Obviously if you choose to launch a small business there will be some expenses involved, though I will talk you through evaluating those, and many of our suggested business ideas can get fully up and running for an initial investment of less than $100. I also have recommended books for further reading (or which could be used to turn this into a full course), but they are not required.

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