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What is UniversityReady?

UniversityReady is your resource for private, targeted guidance counseling. We will help you create a custom college prep plan that is personalized to your unique scenario, and have both online class options and private one-on-one consulting packages to help meet your needs. From personality testing to career evaluation, academic support to ACT and SAT prep, college admissions to college financing, we have you covered!

All packages include a one-year subscription to UniversityReady, including weekly live webinars with action plans on topics related to academic, career, exam, college and financial preparation, along with access to our membership website.

At meetings Matthew will assign relevant modules and action plans to students/families based on their individual situation.

Private Consulting

Consulting packages include meeting with college consultant Matthew Bullington. Meetings typically run 45-60 minutes, and are an opportunity for Matthew to gain insight into current needs, provide an outside perspective/accountability, and assign relevant modules and activities.

Prior to the meeting the student/parents will be sent a short form to complete to evaluate progress on the established plan and to help set goals for the meeting. Meetings will be conducted via live webinar or in-person (based on location of client).

Consulting packages include personality testing, career evaluation, online weekly classes, study sessions, academic support resources and more! 

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