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College Bound:

  • UniversityReady provides a semester-by-semester overview of what you should be doing throughout high school to prepare for college. Our team introduces you to the wide variety of college prep routes available to you, with specific deadlines and guides on when to get started.
  • Preparing for college can be overwhelming. At UniversityReady we strive to make your dream a reality with an organized approach to your high-school to college preparation. We offer advice on how you can apply boundaries and structure to this otherwise daunting task.
  • We will show you how to tailor your applications, essays, and high-school curriculum to specifically make yourself marketable to universities. Includes a detailed explanation of how the application process works, and different options that are available to you.
  • You will receive details on state requirements for dual enrollment, an in-depth discussion of the structure of the advanced placement exams, and tips on how you can use these tools to finish college quickly. We also provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
  • Let us take the guesswork out of test taking by explaining the structure of the standardized entrance exams, test-taking strategies, and recommendations on test preparation methods. Determine which test is best for you, ACT, SAT, CLT or other.
  • We will take a thorough look at the options available to help finance your college degree, details on how to locate and apply for scholarships and grants, and which you can directly reduce the cost of your degree.
  • Discover little-known secrets you can use to expedite the process of earning a degree and dramatically reduce the cost of your college education.

Join UniversityReady today! We look forward to starting the journey together as we begin mapping out a course for your college success. 


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